The Basics

The Ethical Rating Cymru programme is designed to help you to understand, monitor and control ethical employment standards within your organisation and its supply chain.

The programme is different from other social assessments and encourages a strong collaborative approach where we work closely with you to help reach the level you are aiming to achieve.

Ethical Rating Cymru is not an audit. It is a collaborative assessment where we work with you to obtain a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your current ethical performance and build a programme of continual improvement.

A strong emphasis of the assessment is on worker voice to help you achieve real insight into the actual experiences of your workforce on the ground.

Assessment Levels

The assessment is split into 15 strategic management areas, that we measure across four levels:

LEVEL 1: Foundation – The business is making the commitment and building their ethical employment programme with a basic level of compliance.

LEVEL 2: Implementation – The business is implementing and monitoring their programme within their own organisation and through the supply chain.

LEVEL 3: Performing – The business has an effective, coordinated, and comprehensive programme in place and is performing well.

LEVEL 4: Progressive – The business has a progressive and established programme operating to an exceptional high standard.