Q: Who can apply for the Ethical Rating Cymru programme?

A: Any organisation that has at least one premises based in Wales can apply for the Ethical Rating programme. The organisation can be of any size or industry. Any previous ethical employment record is non-consequential regarding eligibility to the programme.

Q: What is Ethical Rating Cymru’s mission?

A: Our mission is to support the ethical employment practices of Welsh businesses so that Wales can lead the way on fair work.

Q: How do I sign up to Ethical Rating Cymru?

A: To sign up to Ethical Rating Cymru you will need to click on the ‘sign up’ box, found at the top of the Ethical Rating Cymru website. You will then need to complete the sign up form by submitting information surrounding your business and your contact details. Once the form is completed we will get in touch to begin your journey on the Ethical Rating Cymru programme.

Q: Why is the Ethical Rating Cymru programme needed?

A: Industries most at risk to labour exploitation comprise of 27% of Wales’ employment. These industries include construction, hospitality, labour provision, forestry and agriculture. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has only exasperated these risks. This is largely due to workers experiencing greater economic hardship and assessments not being capable of monitoring the ethical labour standards of an organisation and its supply chain to its usual extent. Ethical Rating Cymru puts organisations back on the right track for fully combating labour exploitation and promoting ethical labour standards.

Q: How does Ethical Rating Cymru align with Welsh Government recommendations?

A: The Ethical Rating Cymru pilot was sponsored by the Welsh Government in 2019 which ensured that the programme covered the Welsh Government’s recommendations for establishing and maintaining an ethical organisation. These recommendations are found in the following documents:

  • The Code of Practice ‘Ethical Employment in Supply Chains’
  • The Fair Work Report
  • The Economic Contract