Assessment Timeline

8 Weeks Before Assessment
  • Register to the programme
  • Fill in and sign the assessment protocol, the contractual terms of the assessment, and the Ethical Rating Cymru application form

6 Weeks Before Assessment

  • Attend a free four hour training session
  • Liaise with assessor to determine the assessment date and location
  • Kick-off call with assessor
4-6 Weeks Before Assessment
  • Complete online SAQ
  • Complete organisational chart

2-4 Weeks Before Assessment

  • 30 minute planning call with assessor
The Assessment

This consists of the following:

  • Opening meeting
  • Management interviews
  • Systems and document review
  • Worker voice and grievance mechanism testing
  • Closing meeting

Post Assessment

  • Full report within 10 working days
  • Reassessment (at minimum after 12 months but this is dependent upon the final level achieved by the organisation)